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NH54 Private Residency

Welcome Investor - Ladies Preference Given

  • Online Promotional Offer  / Price Reduced 10%

Are you starting out in life with a partner or single? Do yo want office space to do your business in peace, quiet on the National Highway 54 in Punjab with connections across the state and borders?

You have here a unique opportunity to do both at the same time, without and worries, hassles of city life.  To encourage the educated or hard working enterpreneur or investment wise ladies, especially of my State, I have opened this opportunity of buying your own studio apartment (alternatively can ne used as office), as a long term investment and the possibility of rental inome. It can also be as a retirement home for self sufficient adults, with little or no extra expense except bills and sustenance. Contact us below for an apointment, viewing or purchase.

Offer: Buy two or more and get a 5% discount on the total purchase price, to use as office or business units. The conditions below are clear, precise and nothing more is needed to make a quick purchase, no extras to pay later.

Conditions of Purchase

  • * Freehold - Studio apartments are available now for viewing & purchase - as a high quality investment for personal use or for renting purposes and additional income on the National Highway 54.
  • * No Ground Rent Offer - all property sales have been exempted any ground rent for personal use or rental for the lifetime of residency in the building, during this promotional offer. After August 2022, ground rent will be for apartments used for rental income only & not those which are personally lived.
  • Each apartment is approx 300sq ft area. PUDA appoved site plans and a building safety certificate available for inspection. Price shown is for online purchase only and offline at office, price may differ with changes.
  • Buyers letting to tenants will pay an estimated annual service charge start of rental term, tenancy agreement and a non-refundable security deposit in advance. Any buyer or tenant will be liable for repair, maintainence costs, outstanding debts including legal or forced removal of tenants.
  • * Inside the Aprartments - All repair, breakage, decorations, damage, electrical, sewage, water, emergencies and painting are the buyers / tenants responsibilty. Old for new will be applied to all cases.
  • Site is purposely built suitable for single ladies, young or elderly, government agents or employees, executives, professionals, couples and one child under five (5) permitted in occupancy.
  • About 16km from Bathinda city, on the National Highway 54, near SportKing Factory. Access to Amritsar & Delhi international airports 6-7 hours drive and railways or coaches or private taxis are readily available.
  • All the apartments for sale are with AC, WiFi connectivity, Smart TV, wardrope, personal bathroom, double bed, side tables and security CCTV. *Fridge, heater and linen will be negotiated on purchase with kitchenette units.
  • A dining hall is provided on contract, serving meals - breakfast and dinner in the main as lunch time is at your workplace, business or government) and room service - which are all extra costs per month. * A small kitchenette can be constructed within the apartment at extra cost to the buyer.
  • The site has a place of worship (self-service) and as such, will remain a non-alcohol, no smoking, drugs and is pure vegetarian in consumption.
  • * Electricity is metered billed monthly, water from tubewell & pump, generator shared, laundry, ironing and room cleaning are also out-sourced on contract. These estimated service charges are paid to account annually in advance (difference settled at of financial year - March - or earlier if sold or tenancy ended).
  • Amenities include free parking, lounge to relax and enjoy TV , chat or tea with other residents. We also have a conference room, banquet hall and ICT training centre to hire on site.
  • Access to residents  from the main compound gate (site) is from the Natioal Highway and all residents are granted 'right of way to enter and leave' via the gates 24/7, keeping security in mind at all times.
  • Visitors are allowed only in emergencies or by permission from the guest house management giving prior notice (Covid-19 restrictions). Strictly no visitors permitted after 9pm till 8am next morning.
  • Reception is open from 8am till 4pm (9am-3pm winter) only and closed some holidays including Sundays.

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*Note: Kitchenette studio apartments are now available for viewing and purchase. Purchasers can visit and view by appointment. Visit site for a sample showcase studio already constructed, fully furnished now @ a low price of only 11lakhs till August 2022. New features included are fridge, cabinets, dual gas cooker with gas bottle, RO water filter fitted, wash basin, cutlery, microwave and extractor fan. Has to seen to be us for an appointment.

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NH54 Private Residency

NH54 Private Residency